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HHave you not yet determined your goals, or do you know someone who has always wanted to participate in a Strong Viking Obstacle Run but has never dared to take the plunge? Especially for all the doubters, we have created an overview of all Strong Viking challenges, making the choice for the right challenge even easier!

In addition, we have prepared a training schedule for you for each Strong Viking distance. This way you and your fellow Vikings will be well prepared at the start of your chosen challenge. Are you ready for it? Then click HERE for your training schedule!

The Strong Viking Family Edition is a great way to get moving as a family, and enjoy every second of it. Take the challenge and make unforgettable memories as a family with lots of mud, laughter and obstacles! It is open to kids from 5 years old and for the inner-kid in all of us.

The Strong Viking Family obstacle run consists of child-friendly/light obstacles that you may also encounter during the regular Strong Viking editions. Prepare yourself and the kids for lots of climbing, scrambling and crawling! The main ingredient for this distance is: FUN!

Are you going for the 4KM – Family distance of Strong Viking? Click HERE for your training schedule!

Fitlevel: Pleasure athlete (1x sport a week).

Average duration: 90 minutes.

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Ever since the start of Strong Viking in 2013, our editions are not a race but a challenge. It's all about pushing your limits and overcoming obstacles together. An important part of all Strong Viking editions is having fun together! To also introduce less experienced athletes to Strong Viking, we will introduce a new distance: BEGINNING (4km). The obstacles you will encounter on this course have been carefully selected for this new distance. The obstacles are especially fun and focused on cooperation.

The obstacles you encounter on this course have been carefully selected for this new distance. The obstacles are especially focused on fun and corporation. You will not encounter any extremely difficult or heavy obstacles. It's all a bit less technical and has a very high fun factor. Do you not dare an obstacle and/or are you afraid that you will not succeed? No problem! At every obstacle there is a possibility for a by-pass, where you can skip/walk around the obstacle! But... since we always try to push you to your limit, always try to challenge yourself before skipping!

Are you going for the 4KM – Beginning distance of Strong Viking? Click HERE for your training schedule!

Fitlevel: Starting (rookie/sporadic athlete)

Average duration: 90 minutes.

Discover all 4km - Beginning events

Do you find the 4km - BEGINNING distance too short and/or do you think you are ready for the next step? Then the Strong Viking Lightning 7km is your distance! The Lightning distance, like the Beginning distance, is very accessible, even for inexperienced athletes. If you, for example, sporadically engage in sports or do it once a week, then the Lightning distance is the ideal introduction to obstacle runs. 

Prepare yourself for exciting obstacles, mud, and plenty of climbing where strength and endurance aren't really required yet! The Lightning 7km distance is most enjoyable with friends, family, and/or colleagues, so if you have a fellow Viking who can motivate you, we definitely recommend it!

Are you going for the 7KM – Lightning distance of Strong Viking? Click HERE for your training schedule!

Fitlevel: Pleasure athlete (1x sport a week).

Average duration: 90 minutes.

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Vikings are renowned as some of the fiercest warriors from ancient times. You'll find this legacy reflected in our 13km Warrior distance. During the 13km distance, we'll push your personal limits and challenge you to take that extra step, which you might not have thought you were capable of taking beforehand! 

Vikings are known as one of the better warriors of the former era. This fact is also reflected in our 13km Warrior distance. During the 13km distance we will test your personal limits and challenge you to take the extra step, you didn't think you would take before! Besides the physical obstacles/challenges, which sometimes involve some form of technique, there are also several mental obstacles that you need to overcome. Think of height, speed, cold and/or even claustrophobic obstacles! Do you like to challenge yourself and do you like to face the unknown? Then take on the 13km Warrior distance together with your friends! De 13km Warrior distance is the ideal distance to overcome together as a company and/or sports team as teambuilding activity.

Are you going for the 13KM – Warrior distance of Strong Viking? Click HERE for your training schedule!

Fitlevel: Challenging (2x sport a week).

Average duration: 2,5 hours

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For the more advanced and trained sporters/athletes among us, we have the Beast 19km distance. Prepare yourself for the more heavy and technical obstacles of Strong Viking. During the Beast 19km we test almost all your muscle groups and overall condition. The 19km Beast is an unique route where you will never encounter the same obstacle twice. Where you can sometimes count on the help of your fellow Vikings at the other distances, the Beast 19km obstacles also test the more individual qualities!

OCR Series:
For the more fanatic Vikings, the Beast 19km course also offers a race-possibility! Here it is possible to measure yourself against other runners! This is possible in the OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) Series startwave. In this wave, only the best OCR athletes compete by overcoming our courses as fast as possible (time registration) while overcoming ALL obstacles successfully, which are being judged by marshals. The OCR Series startwave is the only wave at Strong Viking where the final ranking will be published! For more info check the next page!

Are you going for the 19KM – Beast distance of Strong Viking? Click HERE for your training schedule!

Fitlevel: Advanced (3x sports a week).

Average duration: 3,5 hours (OCR Series starting course: 2h).

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For the diehard Vikings among us, we present the Iron Viking! It's the toughest marathon in the world, where participants must conquer not only 42km but also 100+ obstacles. To make it even more challenging, participants have only 7.5 hours to complete it, and they must reach the finish line within the specified cutoff times at each stage. 

Iron Viking runners are given a green vest, making them recognizable on the course. Through this vest, they receive priority at some obstacles and often an overdose of applause and help from other participants/spectators! The Iron Viking is no joke, so know what you're getting into! Some may call them crazy, but we call them LEGENDS!

Fitlevel: Expert (3x sports a week or more).

Average duration: 6,5 / 7,5 uur.

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Once a year, Strong Viking organizes the most brutal obstacle run on Earth, the ULTRA Viking. For those who have completed the Iron Viking and want to take that extra step in Strong Viking history, we host an annual Ultra Viking: 60km, 135+ obstacles in just 10 hours! Yes, you heard correctly: an ultramarathon with obstacles! 

During the Ultra Viking, a maximum of 600 participants can take on the challenge. The location of the Ultra Viking is kept secret each year and is revealed after the season ends. The Ultra Viking editions in 2018 and 2019 were completely sold out, and only 42% of all participants completed the challenge within the specified requirements! Do you dare to take on the toughest obstacle run challenge in the world?

Fitlevel: Extreme (4x sports a week or more)

Average duration: 9,5 / 10 hours

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Julia van MierloWater Edition Wijchen 2023

"Wow what an experience. From beginning to end with a smile on my face at every obstacle. This year was my first time, I will definitely be back next yearfor the Water Edition. The Organisation was perfect, everything went very smoothly and quickly. Thanks for the sporty memories!"

6x Best obstacle run of the BeNeLux

Best International event 2021

4x Best Family Run of the Netherlands

Best Obstacles overall 2019

Best International Event 2019

4x Best Obstacle | Fjord Drop

Best Mud 2019

Best thema & decoration 2019


Are you, together with your friends, taking on the most exciting challenge in the Netherlands and will you soon be at the start of one of our Strong Viking Obstacle Runs? 

The Strong Viking Obstacle Run has been voted 6 times best (& most fun) challenge of the BeNeLux and is the perfect opportunity to experience an unforgettable day together! Challenge your fellow Vikings and share this link in your group app, during the coffee break or on your aunt's birthday! 

The obstacle runs of Strong Viking consist of various editions and distances. This way, everyone can participate in the Strong Viking obstacle runs!

obstacle run fjord drop survival run


The 14-metre-high beast! Feared and loved by many. Only for our 13km and 19km runners at the Water Edition. Will you conqueror the fear of heights?

obstacle run fjord drop survival run


Various saga obstacles test your strength and technique. With each distance, the sagas get a little harder. Will you conquer the sagas?

obstacle run viking rings storm the castle


Make a sprint to the top of Storm the Castle! Will you make it to the top by your own strength or will you rely on the help of your friends and colleagues?

survival run obstacle run brother hill


Only together can you reach the top of Brother Hill! Climb over each other and help everyone to the top!

obstacle run flying ragnar survival run


Take the plunge into the deep end! Will you reach the bell?!


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