Partner Clubs

Together, everything is more fun! Definitely also training for your next Strong Viking challenge! Of course, you do that at one of our partner clubs!


As a partner club (and member of this club), you benefit from several advantages:


  • Exclusive discounts

A unique partner club code that gives you €20 discount per ticket on the Event Price! In addition, as a club you will receive two free tickets per year to, for example, let trainers run with the group they trained.


  • Promotional packages

Every year, the club receives a free promotional package to show that the club is a Strong Viking partner club and can optimally guide members towards their next challenge. In addition, you will receive digital promotion packs with cool content to easily promote participation within the club.


  • Unforgettable experiences

Taking on the challenge together on the muddy obstacle course is guaranteed to deliver unforgettable experiences. Increase the community feeling within the club by taking on this challenge together!


Is your sports club not a partner club yet? Then quickly inform them or send this link to them!