The minimum participation age varies according to the distances:

4km - Family Run: min. age 5 years old (or becomes 5 in that calender year)
4km - Beginning: min. 12 years old (or becomes 12 in this calender year)
7km: min. age 13 years old (or becomes 13 in that calender year)
13km: min. age 14 years old (or becomes 14 in that calender year)
19km and OCR Series: min. age 16 years old (or becomes 16 in that calender year)
42km Iron Viking: min. age 18 years old
60km Ultra Viking: min. age 18 years old

Each start wave is named after a Viking god/goddess or king and has a different start time. This is to let you know at what time you must begin.

Of course, you are very welcome to come and encourage the participants! Entrance to the area is free and open from 8:30am.

No, every obstacle has a ‘walk by’. You define your own limits/capabilities. “Strong Viking is not a Race, it’s a challenge!”

*For the OCR Series (Racewave), different rules apply.


We recommend that you arrive approximately 1.5 hours before your start time. This gives you enough time to park, pick up your start number, change clothes and put your bag away with the luggage. Fifteen minutes before your start time you are expected in the starting area for the warm-up. Your start time/running area can be found on your e-ticket.


Yes. During the run, there are several refreshment stations available where Herbalife Nutrition drinks and bars are provided in addition to water. Finally, Red Bull mixed with water will also be available. The Red Bull Regular mixed with water provides you with extra energy you need when overcoming challenging obstacles. Red Bull vitalizes your body and mind.

For Iron Vikings there is the possibility to leave your own extra nutrition at a designated spot on the track.


After the event it is possible to wash off/shower in separate shower areas for men and women (except Family Edition). However, there are no closed shower cabins.


Yes, every participant receives a number on a wristband with which he/she can drop-off their bag in a guarded baggage room.* There are no lockers on site! Make sure you bring a bag for your belongings, at the checkroom they only accept bags and no loose items!

Be advised, only 1 bag allowed per participant!

*Leaving your bag is always at your own risk.

Yes, a separate changing area for ladies and gentlemen is available.

Start squares will vary by event but will be basically like the schedule below. From the start of the event to the last start box, start groups will start every 20 minutes.

19 km OCR Series - 9:20 a.m. (race wave)

42 km Iron Viking - 09:40 a.m.

19 km start times: between 10:00 a.m. and 12:20 p.m.

13 km start times: between 11:20 a.m. and 2:20 p.m.

7 km starttijden: tussen 14.40 en 15.20 uur.


The race will start in starting squares that depart every 20 minutes, the first starting square starts at 09:40 am. At registration you can choose your start section/time. Facilities on the grounds will open at 08:30 am.


Nijmegen (NL)
Road through the Berendonck 1, Wijchen

Amsterdam (NL)
Valleiweg (Kruising Oostbroekerweg), Velsen-Zuid

Balen (BE)
Endstraat, 2490 Balen

Gent (BE)
Verbindingsstraat, 9185 Wachtebeke

Osnabrück (DE)
Pommernstraße 12, Fürstenau bei Osnabrück

Frankfurt (DE)
Waldensberger Straße 65, Wächtersbach

Warstein (DE)
Zu Hause im Waldpark, Warstein

Berlijn (DE)
Tropical-Islands-Allee 1,15910 Krausnick



When purchasing your ticket(s), we offer an option for cancellation insurance. This insurance is taken out with an external insurance company, you can contact this third party via this link.

If you do not have cancellation insurance, unfortunately we cannot cancel/reschedule your ticket.

Changing participant data can be done through PayLogic customer service. Requests for conversions of incorrectly entered data can be made up to 3 weeks prior to an event, for this please contact by email Paylogic, or call: (for NL) 0900 7295 6442 (€1 per call) or (BE) 0900 70155 (€0.50 per p/m).

Lost your e-ticket and/or deleted your mails? You can print your e-tickets again via the following link.

Unfortunately, the system requires a unique mail address for each ticket. Fortunately, you can solve this easily: you can enter your own mail address and add your child's name after it. Is your child named Frank? Then enter mail As the main booker you still receive all tickets and a wrong mail address has no effect on the medal for the children, they also receive it without entering a valid mail address.

If you are late entering additional information and/or have ignored this request multiple times, all tickets/starting numbers will be in the name of the main booker. This person must pick up all start numbers on the day of the event upon presentation of valid identification and all individual e-tickets.

Please note, he/she should print out all e-tickets t.a.t to pick up the start numbers!

Yes, on the day of the event you can choose to run a lesser distance, you do not have to report this. Unfortunately, the price difference in distance cannot be settled retroactively.

Yes, this is possible. Note: Requesting this upgrade can be done up to three days before the start of the event.*

Applying can be done through this link..

*The Early Bird discount may no longer be applicable at this time. If you have booked your ticket(s) during the Early Bird phase, the ticket is currently more expensive. Unfortunately we cannot retroactively apply the Early Bird discount and the costs are for the participant. Please keep this in mind!

Yes, this is possible. Changing days at a two-day event is also possible! Note: This is possible up to three days before the start of the event, provided that the starting area (or starting day) is not sold out. Check the registration page of the event in question.

Requesting a change can be done through this link..*

*The Early Bird discount may no longer be applicable at this time. If you have booked your ticket(s) during the Early Bird phase, the ticket is currently more expensive. Unfortunately we cannot retroactively apply the Early Bird discount and the costs are for the participant. Please keep this in mind!

Yes, this is possible. Note: Requesting this upgrade can be done up to three days before the start of the event.* Check: 

The cost for the name change is €1 plus any transaction fees. These should be paid by the new ticket holder.

World Pass tickets (WP) are not transferable!

When purchasing tickets, we offer the option of cancellation insurance. You take out this insurance with an external party. You can cancel your ticket via this link..

If you do not have cancellation insurance, we cannot cancel the ticket/money back. However, you can transfer the ticket to another person. Changing participant details can be done up to 3 days prior to an edition.

It is also possible to securely sell your ticket through our partner Ticketswap.


Your earned medal points can be found in the Strong Viking Sports App. Download the app here.

Medal points will be uploaded to your account in the week following the event. Please note, this can take up to five days.

The finish photos and all action photos & videos from during the run will appear on our website in the week after the event!

In addition, you can find your personal photos/videos in the SportsApp.

Have fun watching!

You can look up your action photos and videos via the Photo & Video page! Not listed there? Then try your friend's name, maybe you're on it together. No photo? Then unfortunately the photographer missed you and/or you skipped the obstacle.

Don't panic, more photos will follow that are sure to feature you!

During the Strong Viking events, timekeeping is not available for the regular starting groups (including Iron Viking).

Did you run in the OCR Series - Race Wave? Check your results via

Lost and found items are turned in to the lost and found department during our events. Lost something? Send as detailed a description as possible (including serial number) of the product to the address below:

As soon as we find something we will contact you!


Strong Viking works with a unique savings system called: Medals-for-LIFE! So, as the title says, you save your life for the various medals!

Do you have the Strong Viking - Sports app? Your medal points will be added to your account in the week after the event, this can take up to eight business days.

Want to know more about the different medals, how to save them, and when you get a point? Then check out the medal page for all your answers!

No, the Iron Viking medal is only awarded during the Strong Viking Obstacle Run editions. You do receive a point for your regular medals-for-LIFE cycle during the Trail Run Marathon/Iron Viking!