Medals 4 life!

Sail with us across wild seas and conquer your Strong Viking medals! With your achievements during the Strong Viking (Virtual) events, you can earn all parts of the unique Strong Viking honor metal. Read how it works below.

In 2020, Medals for LIFE was introduced. A new concept with most sought after Strong Viking medals/openers. As of this new concept, the medal count will no longer stop every calendar year. From now on we keep counting through the years and experiences! Victory editions never perish, you can keep saving to get all the Strong Viking honor metal complete. Of course, the medals are not just pieces of metal. Each medal has its own story, background and requires its own achievement. The progress of achieving the medals is now accurately tracked in your personal Strong Viking account. All you have to do is create an account and personalize your purchased tickets (and eventually participate to earn points, of course).


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Sleipnir Axe
Your journey begins with the Sleipnir Axe. Become the author of your own story and let the Sleipnir Axe guide you on your route. The Sleipnir Axe is made up of four parts, upon achieving two medal points you earn the first part. Each subsequent part is also worth two points. Thus, after completing two, four, six and eight challenges, you will receive a part of this medal. With the achievement of eight medal points, the Sleipnir Axe is complete.

Varjagen Shield
After the Sleipnir Axe, it is time to continue building your Viking armor. The Varjagen Shield will protect you during the journey so that you can overcome all obstacles. The shield consists of six parts, again you have to obtain two medal points for each part. Upon reaching the twentieth medal point you may call yourself the proud owner of the Varjagen Shield.

Gjermundbu Helmet
The journey continues with the Gjermundbu Helmet. The existence of this helmet was long considered a myth, but now the helmet has been revealed. The Gjermundbu helmet consists of six parts; obtaining this helmet takes considerable perseverance. Each part of the medal can be earned with four medal points. Thus, upon gaining 44 medal points, you own the entire helmet!


The next mythe
After the Gjermundbu Helmet, of course, the journey does not end. There is more sea to explore and land to conquer. What will be the next series in this saga?

These well-deserved pieces of honor metal obviously deserve a nice place of honor. Give your medals the place they deserve with the custom-made medal frames!

Frequently asked questions

You will receive a medal with every second Strong Viking edition you finish (Medal Series 1 & 2)*. Your participation is automatically tracked in your personal Strong Viking account and at the registration tent you will receive a medal band every second edition. With that band you will receive your medal immediately after crossing the finish line at the Medal Point.

Please note, Family Editions do NOT count toward the Medals-for-LIFE system. Children up to age 13 will receive a unique Strong Viking medal immediately after finishing a Family Edition.

*All runs from 2020 onwards count for this system, did you run in 2019 or earlier? Then this does not count, back then you could save for medals per calendar year.

You will receive a medal after finishing every second edition (from 2020)*. This applies to the following distances. We make no distinction in the distances, as everyone takes on the challenge at their own level. Please note, a combination of the distances is also possible.

4km – Beginning
7km – Lightning
13km – Warrior
19km – Beast
42km - Iron** You will also receive the coveted Iron Viking medal
60km - Ultra** You will also receive the coveted Ultra Viking medal

*Runs run in 2019 and earlier are not in the Medals for LIFE system. During previous years, you could save for your medals by calendar year.

**The 4km - Family Edition does not count for the Medals for LIFE system. Kids (up to and including 13 years old) do receive a Family Edition medal afterwards.

Yes, the Strong Viking Trail Runs count for medals!

Sleipnir Axe (Serie 1): 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 Editions
Varjagen Shield (Serie 2): 10 – 12 – 14 – 16 – 18 – 20 Editions
Gjermundbu Helmet (Serie 3): 24 – 28 – 32 – 36 – 40 – 44 Editions
…………………………. (Serie 4): ?? Editions

Unlike previous years, you will no longer receive torques/bracelets, but the count will be automatic if you have created a personal Strong Viking account. For this it is important that you personalize your Strong Viking tickets with the same email address! The editions are automatically counted when you cross the finish line.


It is important to personalize all Strong Viking tickets with one and the same e-mail address. It is NOT possible to add editions with different email addresses together!

If you have used different email addresses in your future events, you can convert those tickets to the correct email address using this link: Click here!
(This is not possible for past runs!)

To do so, create a Strong Viking account on the Strong Viking website. Please note, your account email address must match the email address you personalized your tickets to in order to see your medals and certificates!

No, your run editions (as of 2020) remain valid for your whole life! So should you ever get injured/not participate for a year, the counter then just continues where you left off!