Facing challenges with a smile!

Mud edition

The Strong Viking Mud Editions are the very first obstacle run events of the year.They take place in the months of Spring in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. They are the perfect challenge to begin your year, get out of your winter hibernation and keep up with your fitness resolutions!

Water edition

The Strong Viking Water Edition is THE ultimate summer challenge! There is no better way to cool off when the temperatures start rising than diving into our unique Viking-Themed obstacles with lots and lots of Water!

Brother edition

The Strong Viking Brother Editions are the last events of the year. And so, we want to channel the ancient Viking brotherhood in a unique and challenging way. As we say, at Strong Viking there are no strangers just Vikings you haven’t met yet!

Family edition

The Strong Viking Family Edition is a great way to get moving as a family, and enjoy every second of it. Take the challenge and make unforgettable memories as a family with lots of mud, laughter and obstacles! It is open to kids from 5 years old and for the inner-kid in all of us.

Iron viking

The Iron Viking is the toughest marathon in the World with 42km and 100+ obstacles. It is the ultimate obstacle run challenge for the die-hard Vikings. You think you can handle this legendary challenge?

Ultra viking

In 2015, we introduced the toughest marathon in the world: the Iron Viking (42 km) with 100+ obstacles. Due to the popularity of these events and the ever-growing demand for a new challenge, we proudly introduced the Ultra Viking in 2018! It consists of 60 km, 135+ obstacles, numerous altitude changes, and only 10 hours to complete this grueling challenge!

Ocr series

The OCR Series by Strong Viking has been chosen as the Best OCR Series in Europe, where participants from all over the world compete against each other. Do you want to test yourself against the world's best Obstacle Course Racers?

Trail runs

The new Strong Viking Trail Run consists of running on narrow paths (trails), where only natural obstacles need to be conquered such as streams, tree trunks, rocks, hills etc. The Trail Runs mainly take place in the winter period, when it is too cold for obstacle running, and are the ideal goal to train / stay fit during the winter period.