Iron viking

Iron viking

The Iron Viking is the toughest marathon in the World with 42km and 100+ obstacles. It is the ultimate obstacle run challenge for the die-hard Vikings. You think you can handle this legendary challenge?


No sea to deep

The Iron Viking is held in all Strong Viking countries. Participants must run a total of 3 rounds of 19km, 13km and 7km (and if necessary 4km) respectively and overcome the most spectacular and unique Viking-themed obstacles.
If you're an obstacle runner, commando, ultra-runner, boot camper, marine, cross fitter, triathlete, survival runner or another all-round athlete, test your strength and endurance on our legendary track. Cross the finish line and earn your Iron Viking Finisher shirt and Medal / beer opener – the proudest way to open a beer with your friends!

Please note, the maximum time to complete the Iron Viking is 7,5 hours. There will also be a cut off time! (The cut off time will be announced by mail a few days prior to the event).

  • If you DON’T FINISH an obstacle you’ll do 10 burpees.
  • If you have to SKIP an Obstacle, you’ll do 20 burpees.
  • If you DON’T DO your burpees, you’ll be disqualified.

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