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Get strong

You often hear it: good preparation is half the battle. And nothing could be truer! With the Strong Viking obstacle run training plans, you're definitely ready to take on the ultimate challenge! 

Step into the footsteps of the ancient Vikings and feel the power of their unbreakable will. With the 6-week training plans, you will not only train your strength and fitness but also your mentality. Learn to push boundaries, persevere, and discover your true potential. 

The best training plans for obstacle runs

Our plans are specially designed for Strong Viking by professional trainers. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Viking, there's a training plan for every level. Train wherever and whenever you want, with or without a gym membership. 

Below you will find obstacle run training plan for women and men, divided by distance. And of course, don't forget to purchase your ticket for the obstacle run where you downloaded the training plan!

4 km:

Tijdens deze 4 km beginner run zal je geen extreem zware obstakels tegenkomen. Het is allemaal wat minder technisch en heeft vooral een hele hoge fun factor. Het is echter wel goed om je voor te bereiden aan de hand van het plan!

7 km:

iemand die lachend aan een obstakel hangt.

Bereid jezelf voor op leuke hindernissen en veel klimwerk waarbij extreme kracht en een top conditie nog niet écht benodigd zijn! Download hieronder het 6-weekse trainingsschema en ga aan de slag voor de Lightning afstand van Strong Viking.

13 km:

spierpijn voorkomen na obstacle run spierpijn verminderen sporten spierpijn

This Warrior distance is not only a test for your body but also for your mind. In addition to the physical obstacles and challenges, where sometimes technique is required, you will also definitely encounter mental obstacles that you must overcome!

19 km:

Ben je er helemaal klaar voor om je grenzen te verleggen en je lichaam tot het uiterste te testen? Dan is de Beast 19km van Strong Viking perfect voor jou! Deze uitdagende obstacle run is ontworpen voor gevorderde sporters.

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Why is training for an obstacle run important?

Preparing well and training for a survival run, mud run, or obstacle run is very important. It's not wise to participate unprepared, as you could risk injuries this way! Being well-prepared also gives you more confidence and enjoyment during the obstacle run. You know what to expect and are better equipped to face the challenges! So, don't forget to train for an obstacle run using the right training plan.

Which distance should you choose?

The distances you can choose from are 4, 7, 13, 19, 42, and 60 kilometers. So, there's a suitable distance for every Viking! But which one should you go for? It all depends on your fitness level! Luckily, we've created a handy overview of the distances to make the choice a bit easier. Are you going for 4, 7, 13, or 19 kilometers? Download the corresponding training plan now!