The obstacle run season is open again! You've trained hard, and now it's time to show what you're made of. But then you start to doubt about the sportswear for an obstacle run... Can you just wear your gym clothes? Or is that not such a good idea? During an obstacle run, it's important to wear sportswear that is comfortable, doesn't restrict your movement, protects you from abrasions, and helps you deal with various weather conditions and obstacles. Below, we'll give you tips for clothing and how to best

What clothing do you wear during an obstacle run?

In general, it is advisable to wear tight, quick-drying clothing during an obstacle run. Additionally, it is also wise to wear gloves for extra grip and protection. And of course, don't forget to wear good socks and shoes! The last thing you want is to get blisters…
Below you will find a list of clothing items that are a must when participating in obstacle runs:

Now you might be thinking, "But that's all very obvious." Yes, that's true. However, you still need to consider the material, characteristics, and fit of the sportswear. 

Obstacle run shirt

When purchasing a shirt for an obstacle run, make sure it's made of quick-drying material. It's not pleasant to have to keep running with a soaking wet shirt during a mud run.

We also recommend, especially for participants covering longer distances, to opt for a tighter-fitting shirt. This prevents the material from rubbing and irritating your skin. 

Tight sportswear will also create less resistance during swimming or other water obstacles. You can choose between a long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt, but to reduce the chance of getting scratches or abrasions, opt for a long-sleeve shirt!

A Björn Borg longsleeve shirt is suitable sportswear for a Strong Viking obstacle run.

Leggings or sports pants

A good pair of sport pants is crucial! Again, it's wise to opt for a tight-fitting (to prevent chafing!) and quick-drying pair of pants. Avoid cotton clothing as it retains moisture and can become heavy when wet. Instead, choose quick-drying synthetic materials. A tight-fitting pair of sport pants or polyester sport leggings are excellent choices for an obstacle run. Just make sure your sport pants aren't too tight; you still need to be able to overcome the obstacles!

Compression shorts

If you opt for looser sportswear for an obstacle run, wear compression shorts or leggings underneath to prevent chafing and support your muscles. Compression shorts are made of stretchy material and fit tightly! This improves blood circulation, reduces the risk of injuries, and ensures better recovery. This way, you can continue training for the next one after the obstacle run!

Sports socks

English: It is important to wear moisture-wicking and quick-drying socks that are high enough to protect your ankles from chafing and scratches. Make sure they fit well too! There's nothing more annoying than socks that slip down. You can opt for socks specifically made for runners or" target="_self">trail runners, but compression socks are also a good choice. As explained above, they support your muscles, can help prevent severe muscle soreness, and ensure good blood circulation… And they are nice and high!


Now, the Vikings in the past might not have worn the best shoes... But we do! Shoes are the most important part of the entire preparation. There is nothing worse than having to overcome a Strong Viking obstacle run with soaking wet, soggy feet full of blisters that keep slipping while climbing obstacles. You really want to prevent those blisters! So make sure you have good obstacle run shoes with a good tread that can quickly wick away moisture!


Some people swear by them, while others think they're unnecessary: gloves. However, they can really be a good purchase if you participate in obstacle runs regularly. During a mud run or obstacle run, you trudge through a course consisting mostly of water, sand, and mud. These obstacles may contain small stones and twigs, so it's very handy to wear gloves during the obstacle run. Additionally, they can also provide you with better grip at certain obstacles. It's a win-win situation!

Klaar voor de start?

Do you have your sportswear ready? Don't forget to pack clean and dry clothes (and the often-forgotten towel!) for after the obstacle run. There's nothing as annoying as stepping into your mother-in-law's car with your muddy clothes on when she already didn't feel like picking you up after the run... And of course, don't forget to wash your sportswear as soon as you get home!

Do you have your sportswear, dry clothes, and towel ready, but still don't have a Strong Viking ticket for one of our obstacle runs yet? Click quickly on the button below and claim your spot during one (or more, of course) of our editions. OORAH!