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Preventing blisters running

Preventing blisters during an obstacle run

Blisters are incredibly annoying, especially during running or an obstacle run. Fortunately, you can prevent blisters!
sportief vrijgezellenfeest actief vrijgezellenfeest amsterdam nijmegen gent

Bachelor party idea: Obstacle Run!

Looking for an idea for a sporty bachelor party? Join the Strong Viking Obstacle Run with your group of friends!
Getting mud out of your clothes after an obstacle run

Removing mud from your clothing in 7 easy steps!

Getting mud out of your clothes? Cleaning your shoes after an obstacle run? We'll guide you step by step on how to do this best!
spierpijn voorkomen na obstacle run spierpijn verminderen sporten spierpijn

Prevent muscle pain with these 7 handy tips!

Muscle pain prevention? That's almost impossible after an obstacle run! But you can take measures to limit the degree of your muscle pain!
handgrip trainen knijpkracht trainen handen trainen grip trainen obstacle run gripkracht trainen

Training Grip Strength: 5 Handy Exercises 🖐🏻

Training your grip strength is very important. Not only does it make carrying groceries easier, but also enhances your participation in Strong Viking!

Bundeswehr and Strong Viking

Die Bundeswehr ist offiziell der neue Event-Partner von Strong Viking. Am 1. & 2. Juni wird unser Partner bei der Water Edition stark vertreten sein....