een team van een bedrijf dat onder de modder zit (van de matrix)

Business and Group participation

Are you looking for the perfect active company outing with your colleagues? Then you've found the right place!

Teamwork is one of the most important elements from Strong Viking. Helping each other and stepping out of your comfort zone to reach a joint mission. Definitely don’t forget the unforgettable memories you will create together. Next Monday at the coffee machine won’t be the same after this experience! Get to know your colleagues at a different level and really become a team!



  • You start as colleagues, but you finish as a team!
  • Strong Viking is all about team building and fun! It promotes the well-being of employees as individuals and as a team.
  • Strong Viking can be included in the vitality plan of your company.
  • With the different distances it is suitable for everyone! From the advanced runner to the person who already gets tired from thinking about this activity.
  • Special discounts and possibilities for groups and companies from 10+ people.
  • Possibility for hospitality like an exclusive area for your group on the terrain, payment by invoice and the possibility to start in our special company startwave.


Are you a group of ten people minimum?You can easily order the tickets yourself via the ticket page. Use discount code GROUP and receive €3,50 extra discount on the ticket price.

Need an invoice? No problem! You can easily retrieve it via the ticket system after ordering the tickets!

Are you a group of fifteen people or moreYou can register with a payment via invoice. It is not a problem if you are not sure with how many people you will exactly start. We will reserve the estimated amount of tickets for you for one month. So you have the time to complete your team. After that month you will receive an invoice for the final number of participants and the tickets will be sent out.

Want to use this special service? Feel free to contact us with the information below:
Desired date + edition:
Estimated number of participants:
Distance(s) you would like to run:

Are you a group of over 50 people? Or do you have any additional questions? Contact us and we will be happy to help you organise the ultimate day with colleagues!


A question we receive from a lot of companies is about the safety of our events. Of course you want all your colleagues to be back at work on Monday. And although it might sound scary or dangerous, our events are super safe! As a big event we have to meet several safety regulations. We also double check and test all our obstacles before each event. In the unfortunate case that you do get hurt, our medical team is always close by and ready to help. But to be very honest, we mostly pay them to drink coffee.. And if we are even more honest, we have more colleagues injured on Monday because they had a football game than after an obstacle run.


For company’s and groups we have some additional services available to complete your day.

Team shirts
Want to stand out as a real team on the event and on the track? You can definitely do that with your own team shirt. You can choose the color, send us your logo and we will arrange everything for you! We offer team sports shirts for €25,- each. This is included the printing and VAT. Excluded shipping costs. Feel free to contact us about this possibility.

Make the day complete with catering options, so you can enjoy the experience together with a snack and a drink. At the Strong Viking events, you pay with cash or pin at the catering. But for groups and companies, it is also possible to order catering tokens in advance.

Choose what you want to offer upfront, there are four types of tokens:

  • Drink (soft drink, beer, coffee or water) - €4,- (incl. €1 deposit)
  • Fries - €5,50
  • Snack – €3,-
  • Hamburger - €9,50

The tokens can be spent at the catering stands present at the event terrain. The catering tokens can be included on the ticket invoice. The tokens ordered will be taken to the event and can be picked up at the press-info tent during the event. 

Your own place at the event!
Enjoy a private place where you can meet up with colleagues before and after the run. If desired, while enjoying a snack and a drink. This way colleagues, relations and/or potential clients really get a complete experience. Below you find a number of possibilities. But of course, you are always free to contact us if you have other ideas or wishes. We are always open to talk about the possibilities together with you.

Recommended for a maximum of 30 people
Reserved area fenced off with crowd barriers (you can put your own signing on these fences)
High table
Two beer tables + two benches
€350,- ex VAT

Recommended for a maximum of 30 people
5x5 meter tent + fenced terrace (you can put your own signing on these fences)
Banner with company name
Four high tables
Two beer tables + two benches
1x free power socket 220V
€850,- ex VAT

Recommended for 30-75 people
10x5 meter tent + fenced terrace (you can put your own signing on these fences)
Banner with company name
Six high tables
Four beer tables + four benches
1x free power socket 220V
€1.250,- ex VAT

Recommended for 75-100 people
10x10 meter tent + fenced terrace (you can put your own signing on these fences)
Banner with company name
Six high tables
Four beer tables + four benches
1x free power socket 220V
€2.250,- ex VAT

The tent and terrace can be decorated as desired. If there are other or specific wished, we are always open to discuss these. Are you interested in renting a hospitality tent? Please contact, we are happy to help you out!


As Strong Viking we can tell you ourselves how amazing it is to take on the challenge together with your colleagues. But it is definitely better to hear it from companies who have experienced it.

Read the story of Tamara van Dooren of Interfood. They are at the start with at least 15 colleagues every year. Or the story of Manon Loeffen of Planon. Every year it is an impressive sight when they appear with over 150 colleagues in striking shirts at the start of the Water Edition in Wijchen.

Who knows, maybe after the next edition you will tell a similar story about your participation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Strong Viking is not a race, it is your own challenge. At every obstacle there is an opportunity for a "walk by" and you always decide where your limits are and to where you want to go!

Start squares will vary by event but will be basically like the schedule below. From the start of the event to the last start box, start groups will start every 20 minutes.

19 km OCR Series - 9:20 a.m. (race wave)

42 km Iron Viking - 09:40 a.m.

19 km start times: between 10:00 a.m. and 12:20 p.m.

13 km start times: between 11:20 a.m. and 2:20 p.m.

7km and 4km start times: between 2:40 and 3:20 p.m.


Each event also has a special corporate start area where all distances can start together. Contact us for options.

Yes, every participant receives a number on a wristband with which he/she can drop-off their bag in a guarded baggage room.* There are no lockers on site! Make sure you bring a bag for your belongings, at the checkroom they only accept bags and no loose items!

Be advised, only 1 bag allowed per participant!

*Leaving your bag is always at your own risk.

Of course, you are very welcome to come and encourage the participants! Entrance to the area is free and open from 8:30am.