Are you planning to participate in an obstacle run, survival run, or mud run? Then good obstacle run shoes are very important! You don't want to have trouble with your feet and you want to prevent blisters! But what should you look for when purchasing good obstacle run shoes? Can't you just participate with your running shoes? Below we discuss what you need to consider when choosing good shoes for a mud run, obstacle run, or survival run. Because even Vikings care about their feet!

Buying obstacle run or mud run shoes? Pay attention to this!

It's not a good idea to participate in an obstacle run with your regular sneakers. Apart from the fact that you'll never get them clean again (such a waste, right?), they often don't provide the right grip and support you need during the run. But what makes a shoe suitable for an obstacle run? Below are the characteristics of good obstacle run shoes.

Drainage: During the mud and water editions of Strong Viking, you and your shoes will endure a lot of water and mud. It's therefore very important to choose shoes that can quickly drain water during the obstacle run. 


Grip: Shoes with good grip are absolutely essential during an obstacle run, especially on wet and muddy surfaces. It's no fun if you keep slipping while climbing obstacles. So, choose obstacle run shoes with a good tread pattern.


Durability: Obstacle runs are not particularly friendly to your shoes. Choose shoes made of sturdy materials with reinforcements around the toes and heels. This way, you can enjoy them for longer and prevent your toes from poking through the shoes after the first obstacle run.


Flexibility: You need obstacle run shoes that are flexible enough to bend and move with your feet, yet still provide enough support. Shoes that are too stiff are really uncomfortable and no one wants that!


Lightweight: Nobody wants to have concrete blocks attached to their feet during an obstacle run! Therefore, opt for lightweight shoes, so you can move extra quickly and become less fatigued!

3x The Best Obstacle Run Shoes

A hefty list, right? Luckily, you don't have to search for shoes that meet all these criteria yourself: we've already done that for you! Below you'll find a list of three brands and shoes that are suitable for an obstacle run. We always recommend trying them on properly before purchasing, as everyone has different feet and preferences. Also, make sure to break in the obstacle run shoes properly before using them during a run!

1. Inov-8

Let's start right away with one of the best obstacle run shoes. Inov-8 is a beloved brand among trailrunners We are particularly fans of the Inov-8 X-Talon 212 V2. This shoe is perfect for soft or extreme terrain and is also super fast on dry trails. A true off-road legend that can handle anything.

2. VJ Shoes

Obstacle runners are very enthusiastic about the shoes from VJ Shoes. For obstacle runs, the VJ IROCK3 The sole is made of Butyl rubber, providing the IROCK with the world-famous grip it's known for.

3. Evadict

Evadict is the in-house brand of Decathlon. It's a good choice if you're not looking to spend a lot of money right away on obstacle run shoes. In 2021 and 2022, the trail running shoe from Evadict even won an award for the best shoe in the Trails category. 


obstacle run schoenen Inov-8 X-Talon 212 V2
Inov-8 X-Talon 212 V2
Obstacle run schoenen
obstacle run shoes
Evadict Trailrun schoenen

Which obstacle run shoes should I buy?

t's very important to always try on shoes first. What feels good for one person may not feel good for you at all. If the above options aren't for you, you can always look for other shoes, particularly trail running shoes. However, make sure to choose shoes that are breathable and not waterproof (for example, Goretex). If you participate in a Strong Viking obstacle run with waterproof shoes and you splash into the water, your shoes will fill with water and have nowhere to go. Then you'll have to finish the rest of the run with squishy feet, which is not pleasant!

Besides good shoes, don't forget to invest in proper obstacle run sportswear! This way, you can prevent injuries and enjoy running even more. Want to know how to clean your obstacle run shoes and clothing after a mud run? Keep reading: Get Mud Out of Your Clothing in 7 Easy Steps!

Your first obstacle run

Is it your first obstacle run? Then wait a moment before purchasing (expensive) obstacle run shoes or trail running shoes and find out first if it's something you enjoy! However, we do recommend wearing good running or sports shoes with a good tread. 

Are you still looking for an exciting obstacle run to try out your new shoes? Check out all the Strong Viking editions on the obstacle run calendar! Click the button below.