Will you soon participate for the first time in a Strong Viking event and do you not yet know exactly what to expect? Then read on as we share with you 9 Viking tips to successfully overcome our obstacle runs.

9 tips voor je eerste obstacle run

Train yourself to Walhalla

If you have little or no experience with obstacle courses, having good basic fitness will ensure that you can tackle the course with more enjoyment. Additionally, some extra muscle strength will benefit you. Start training early and gradually increase your pace and muscle strength. You can easily do this with the Strong Viking Obstacle Run training plan.

Leave your ego at home and use your Viking attitude

Yes, you read that right! Covering kilometers with obstacles can be quite exhausting, no matter how hard you've trained. But there's a simple way to avoid this! At some point, you'll notice that you can't maintain your initial pace anymore. Some Vikings might disappear ahead of you. But that's perfectly okay!

Choose a pace that you can keep up with, walking for a while is perfectly fine too! The most important goal is to reach the finish line. You don't have to be the fastest. Odin will welcome you with open arms in Valhalla anyway! If you're unsure which distance to choose, read here to find out which distance suits you best!

Wear good shoes!

If you're participating in Strong Viking for the first time, old sports shoes lying at the bottom of your closet are a good option. However, make sure to choose sports shoes with gripso you don't slip too easily. Participating in obstacle runs more often? Invest in good obstacle run shoes!

Did you know that you can lace almost all sports shoes in a certain way so that they stay nice and tight during the run? Sports shoes often have an extra eyelet, which many people think is just for show. But that's not the case; they have a very useful function! The extra eyelet ensures that your feet don't slide in your shoes. This helps prevent blisters and sore toes!


But how do you tie your laces?

1. Make sure your laces are on the outside in the second opening from the top.

2. Pull both laces on the current side where they are now through the top opening, so they come back to the inside. This will create loops.

3. Take the opposite lace through the loop and do the same in reverse.

4. Tighten the laces. You will notice that a kind of brake is created which keeps your laces tight.

5. Tie your laces as you normally would and say goodbye to foot pain!

Are you planning to participate in an obstacle run more often? Then Salomon's Trail Run shoes are the perfect investment for a successful run. Because the laces in Salomon's Trail Run shoes are made of strong elastic and can be tightened with one movement. Say goodbye to your loose laces forever!

Choose the right clothing

It's no secret that you'll get wet and muddy during the run (if you've done it right, of course!). It's important to keep your body as warm and dry as possible, so wearing suitable clothing for an obstacle run is crucial. Tight clothing helps prevent snagging and makes running in wet clothes more bearable. Breathable sportswear made of polyester dries faster and helps maintain your body temperature stable! 

Wear gloves & good socks

These are not the sexiest clothing items to purchase, but this does not make them less essential. The mud at our obstacle runs is very thick and well... muddy. The ground can also contain small stones and twigs, so gloves always come in handy. In addition, there is nothing more annoying than sagging socks which can also cause blisters (Ouch painful!). Did you know that for running and trail running you can get special socks?

Don't forget your towel!

You never guessed it! But, one of the most forgotten items is the towel. You do not only get wet on the parcours. You can also rinse off the mud after the run. Even if you don't want to take a shower (ugh!), it's always handy to have something dry and warm to wrap yourself in (a dry robe or bathrobe is also nice).

Get rid of those wet clothes!

After the run, your clothes will be wet and covered in mud (if you did it right!). So, before you sit down and have a few drinks with your Viking buddies, be sure to put on warm and dry clothes. Don't forget underwear and clean socks! Also, make sure you bring something to pack your wet stuff in. Big garbage bags are great, just don't forget to unpack everything once you get home (you really don't want to find out what your stuff smells like after a week).

Eat well before you work-out

It's very important to eat a nutritious meal before exercising!Eat like the Vikings used to: Lots of meat and fish (salmon!), apples, berries, and nuts. Additionally, the Vikings often ate bread, vegetables, eggs, and cheese. So, aim for a balanced meal with carbohydrates, sufficient protein, and healthy fats!

Turn on your Viking mode!

 Don't forget to bring that Viking attitude, you know, the one you had when you signed up; that determination and motivation. You don't have to be the best, you just have to give your best and have fun!

Never forget the Viking Pledge, go for it and Odin will be proud of you! Before you know it, you will be drinking beers with your Viking buddies in Valhalla. OORAH!!!