After completing the Sleipnir Axe and the Varjagen Shield,

It’s time to build your next piece of Viking armour.

For over a century, its existence has been considered a myth,

But with the reveal of the Gjermundbu helmet, your Saga will be legendary.


The third part of the Medals for Life series is the Gjermundbu Helmet. This helmet consists of six parts, and obtaining it takes some perseverance. To get the whole helmet, you need 44 medal points. You can also earn these medal points by participating in regular Strong Viking events or the Virtual Editions. Continue your journey and earn the Gjermbundbu Helmet!




Of course, this is not just any helmet. The Gjermundbu helmet is actually a real Viking helmet! The helmet dates back to the Viking age from around 950-975 and was found in a graveyard near the similarly named Gjermundbu farm in Haugsbygd, Ringerike, Norway.


The helmet was found by accident in 1942. Only later were the employees of the University of Oslo informed. Curator Sverre Marstranden and museum assistant Charlotte Blindheim led an investigation that confirmed the existence of a grave chamber of historical value. The Gjermundu findings contained several objects, including weapons. The helmet was discovered in nine parts and was restored. It is made of iron in four parts and is heightened. The helmet can still be seen at the Museum of Cultural History at the University of Oslo.


Together with the Tjele helmet fragment, two fragments from Gotland and a fragment from Kiev, it is one of the few known Viking helmets that could be reconstructed. The Gjermunbdu helmet is relatively well preserved. It has a spectacle-shaped face shield and must have belonged to an important person. Iron was difficult to make in the Viking Age and was also very expensive. Therefore, helmets were very expensive and not very common. Anyone who could afford a helmet would certainly want one, but only a few people could actually afford it. Helmets were well cared for and preserved, repaired when necessary and passed on from generation to generation. Some helmets were probably in use for centuries, until the iron became too thin and brittle to provide protection.


The Gjermundbu helmet is therefore a real showpiece for your Viking collection. After all the challenges, you have fully earned this helmet. There is also a unique showcase for the Gjermundbu Helmet. Show off your achievements with pride and place the medal in this special showcase!