We are proud to present our new international beer partner: Warsteiner! The passion, tradition and craftsmanship of this premium beer brand are a perfect match for Strong Viking.


Warsteiner can be seen at all our Dutch and Belgian editions next year and of course also on the grounds of the Warsteiner brewery during the Warstein edition.Of course, it will not stop at just seeing. Next year, you and your friends will be toasting the achievement of the Finish with a delicious Warsteiner 0.0! In the current spirit of the times and with the sporty character of Strong Viking, it was obvious that an alcohol free finish beer had to be offered. What could be better than toasting the finish together with a delicious Warsteiner 0.0!


Even after rinsing off the mud, you can continue to enjoy a refreshing Warsteiner, which is, of course, the new beer being tapped at our events. Do you want to make your Warsteiner even tastier? Then buy a reusable Strong Viking beer mug at the event. You can have it filled with a delicious freshly tapped beer at our events, and at the same time contribute to the reduction of disposable plastic!


For three years now, we have been organising a very special Brother Edition on the grounds of the Warsteiner brewery in Warstein (Germany). A unique experience that is on the agenda again this year! On 24 September, our Vikings will conquer the grounds of the Warsteiner brewery for the third time. This rough terrain will also be the battlefield of Strong Viking's most extreme challenge: the Ultra Viking! At least 60 kilometres and more than 100 obstacles have to be conquered in order to complete the Ultra Viking. But also for all our other Vikings there is plenty to do in this beautiful area! Of course you will enjoy a very fresh Warsteiner after the finish, it doesn't get any closer to the source!