Will you take on the ultimate challenge?! Verleg je grenzen & steun borstkankeronderzoek!


During the Strong Viking editions in 2024, participants will not only push their physical and mental limits, but you can also make a positive impact. In pact, you can dedicate your participation to Pink Ribbon!


In motion for breast cancer research

This year, with Strong Viking, we are dedicating ourselves to Pink Ribbon. Every year, more than 17,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer. Men too. Because we don't want them to face it alone, when you participate you can take action for Pink Ribbon.

1 in 7 women will get breast cancer. Pink Ribbon is there for all of these women. The organization raises money for projects and research to prevent breast cancer and to improve its treatment. They do everything they can to make life after breast cancer as pleasant as possible. But they can't do that alone. Will you help?  


By engaging during your Strong Viking, you can support breast cancer research. Being in action not only means spreading awareness around breast cancer, you can also contribute to newly funded breast cancer research. Pink Ribbon invests in projects that enhance the treatment and cures for breast cancer. The support of people like you contributes to scientific breakthroughs and innovations in breast cancer research.


Get on board, make a difference!

Dus, waar wacht je nog op? Trek je Vikinguitrusting aan, trotseer de hindernissen en ga de uitdaging aan. Wil je jouw deelname extra betekenis geven? Maak dan een actiepagina aan via Viking in action for Pink Ribbon.


Show that you are a Viking committed to Pink Ribbon with the special Pink Ribbon x Strong Viking shirt. For just €14,95 you can get a shirt, of which €10 will be donated directly to Pink Ribbon!

To order via: obstaclerunshop.com Or as an Add On with your Strong Viking ticket purchase.


Did you know you can sign up for the special Pink Ribbon starting area during selected editions?

Register now for one of the Pink Ribbon start waves:


Mud Wijchen 20 April – 11:40

Water Wijchen 16 June – 11:00

Water Amsterdam 22 September – 11:00