The 2023 Obstacle Run season is almost over. This year, more than 80.000 Vikings conquered the most fun challenge in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, challenged Strong Viking's course, mud and obstacles with a big smile. 


We enjoyed you guys and you should be more than proud of your accomplishments!



  • Together, you conquered 1.144.234 Strong Viking kilometers!
  • Together, you faced more than 2.561.500 challenging Obstacles!
  • You earned in 52.000+ Strong Viking Medals!
  • You sipped 20.500 litres of Warsteiner beer in Walhalla!

Of course, we end the season with our Trail Runs in Wijchen (04-11) and Balen (09-12) but next year we will be back with a jam-packed calendar full of challenges to take on in 2024.



Like us, can you already not wait to reappear at the foot of our Valhalla Walls? Then we have a cool promotion for the whole month of October! 'I TRAIN FOR' Strong Viking!



Will you score your Ticket this month for a Strong Viking Edition in 2024? Then you will receive, with the purchase of each ticket, a free Strong Viking Training Shirt worth €19.95! Ideal to prepare yourself and your friends for your next challenge!

Ideaal om je, samen met jouw vriend(inn)en voor te bereiden op jullie volgende uitdaging!

This year's 'I Train For' Training Shirt is a new design. We asked you Vikings to each name their personal goal and challenge for the new Strong Viking season so that we could incorporate it into the design. 

Where for some, the challenge lies in completing a 4km Beginning distance, for Ultra participants a new location is planned for 2024! In addition, for some, achieving the Dragon Ropes are the ultimate goal while overcoming the Fjord Drop fear remains a 'bucket list' thingy for many. Challenges come with goals and vice versa. 


With 1001 challenges, there are also 1001 motivations and reasons to participate in a Strong Viking edition in 2024.



You can select your free 'I Train For' Shirt in the Add-on section in our ticket shop. 

Ja, de shirts worden gestuurd naar het opgegeven adres van de koper. Let op: verzending van de shirts kost €5,95

It is possible to order 1 shirt per ticket. If you select 2 tickets, you can also order 2 shirts. 

Sure! There are women's, men's and kids' shirts available in different sizes. You can find these in the 'Add-on' section in the ticket shop!

De ‘I Train For’ campagne loopt van 01 oktober t/m 31 oktober 2023. Tickets eerder of later besteld vallen niet onder deze actie. 

Alle I Train For Shirts worden begin november ingepakt en gelijktijdig verstuurd. Eind november moeten alle shirts verstuurd en ontvangen zijn.



"Facing challenges with a smile!'