The long-term partnership between Herbalife Nutrition and Strong Viking will be continued in 2023! The sportive participants of the editions in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany will be challenged by both parties to take it to the next level and reach all their personal goals. During their participation in the Strong Viking Edition(s) they will be supported by the sports nutrition of Herbalife Nutrition.


At the nutrition points of all Editions, all Viking can rely on Herbalife Nutrition products again. Here everyone will be provided with the necessary nutrients to perform the physical effort. Among other things, you can expect an extra energy boost from the CR7 Drive. This specially selected sports drink is a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution that will keep you going for a few more miles! Next to that you can enjoy a delicious lemon protein bar and the Herbalife24 Achieve protein bar with no artificial colours or fragrances. With the nutrients from these products, you will definitely make it to the finish line! 


For the Herbalife distributors Strong Viking is also a way to strengthen the bond with their community. During the Mud and Water Editions in Ghent, Herbalife will be present with a very big group! The distributors are training with their community to eventually participate in the event together. During these events there is a big Herbalife Nutrition VIP tent for the distributors and their customers. In this tent, they receive complementary nutrition before and after the run. To make the experience complete, they can enjoy private VIP showers after the run.


Of course, the entire Herbalife Nutrition team will start together in one of the exclusive start waves, dressed in Herbalife Nutrition branded shirts. As a team, they conqueror the track and all the obstacles together and eventually reach Strong Viking Valhalla together.



Together we are looking forward to another fantastic year where together we can empower people to become the best version of themselves.