The Bundeswehr is officially the new event partner of Strong Viking. On June 1 & 2, our partner will be strongly represented at the Water Edition. Similar to us Vikings, the Bundeswehr also focuses on virtues such as teamwork, cohesion and mutual trust. We are therefore very happy to shake hands with each other.
Are you interested in the Bundeswehr as a potential employer? Then you have THE opportunity to talk to the right people on June 1 & 2. But that's not all - on Saturday, June 1, the Bundeswehr will be putting together its own team of comrades. You can join them and run with your potential colleagues of the future. Secure your ticket now for the starting wave at 11:00 a.m. to get to know the team on the course. dein Ticket für die Startwelle um 11:00 Uhr, um das Team auf der Strecke kennenzulernen.




265,000 people. One Bundeswehr.

The members of the Bundeswehr - men and women in uniform and civilian clothes - perform their duties every day, often carrying out dangerous tasks. They always do this on behalf of politics. All members of the Bundeswehr are therefore self-confident:

“We. Serve. Germany.”

The areas of responsibility are wide-ranging. IT specialist, emergency paramedic, tank commander, cook, pilot, lawyer... there's hardly a job that we don't have. And what many people don't even know: In addition to military careers, the Bundeswehr offers numerous entry opportunities in the civilian sector.

Have you just finished school? Then get started as an apprentice in one of over 50 training occupations or with a dual study program!

Have you already completed your training or studies? Then the trainee program for the middle, upper or higher service (this is what we call career training) is the right thing for you to make a career as a civil servant.

With several years of professional experience and your expertise, you are welcome to join us directly.

You can find more information about your individual career opportunities on our careers page or by talking directly to a career advisor.
The website for the “Bundeswehr as an employer” information area includes the following