Strong Viking is proudly supporting Make-A-Wish International to grant life-changing wishes to children with critical illnesses.


Have you ever had a wish come true?


What about a wish that transformed your life?


Wishes create strength, hope and transformation.


What if you could help make a child’s wish come true?


Make-A-Wish creates life-changing wishes for children living with critical illnesses, and this year Strong Viking and Make-A-Wish are joining forces to get closer to granting the wish of every eligible child. A wish is an integral part of child’s treatment journey. Research shows that children who have had their wishes granted can build the physical and emotional strength they need to fight a critical illness.


Founded in 1980, Make-A-Wish is the world’s leading children’s wish-granting organization, having granted more than 550,000 wishes in 50 countries worldwide.


How beautiful is the thought that we as Strong Viking and all our Viking fans can help grant wishes to these children! This year we are going to put all our effort in gathering attention and funds for Make-A-Wish and to help create even more life-changing wishes!


Cassandra’s adventure with animals

Six-year-old Cassandra is a bright girl that doesn’t let her cystic fibrosis get her down! She is interested in everything to do with animals and wants to become a veterinarian when she grows up. So she knew exactly what she wanted her wish to be and that was to have an adventure with animals! She especially wanted to hold a big scary spider!


On Cassandra’s wish day, she went with her family to the Reptilium zoo in Landau where they got an exclusive tour. Equipped with her adventure outfit from Make-A-Wish, she had the opportunity to feed raccoons and even alligators! She learned a lot about bearded dragons, turtles, snakes and of course she FINALLY got to hold a big spider in her hand.


Cassandra even had a photoshoot with lots of different animals, including the spider. You can see Cassandra’s lively and funny personality come to life as she’s living her dream.


Cassandra’s mum believes this amazing experience has made Cassandra a very happy and grateful little girl. This exciting and unforgettable day has lifted her spirits for a long time to come.

How can I help Make-A-Wish create more life-changing wishes?

- Buy a Strong Viking keychain in our webshop or at on of our events. You pay €5,- of which €3,- goes directly to Make-A-Wish.

- Add a small donation when buying your ticket for a Strong Viking Edition.

- Donate directly via the Strong Viking & Make-A-Wish action page.

- Buy a Strong Viking keychain in our webshop or at on of our events. You pay €5,- of which €3,- goes directly to Make-A-Wish. 

- At all our events you can donate your deposit cup for Make-A-Wish

Spark imagination, deliver strength
Imagination is powerful and it inspires every stage of the wish journey. A child’s imagination is at the heart of everything we will accomplish together. Imagination alone inspires, renews and entertains.

Strength is essential. Especially when you are battling an illness. Make-A-Wish stops at nothing to deliver it. In large doses. The strength to be resilient; the strength to unify a community; the strength to find hope. And it doesn’t stop there. A wish-come-true empowers and transforms the lives of anyone who plays a part.

This is the power of joy. This is the power of community. This is the power of imagination. This is the power of hope.